Crests and Troughs

Thursday 7 June 6.30pm

manipulated live and prerecorded vocal material, pretty/dirty crests and troughs, beats, sampling, re-mix, found sound

Featuring –
Gail Priest
Shannon O’Neill
Roger Mills
Scott Saunders

traces # 1 – a found and concrete sound work by roger mills

traces #1 is an interactive and indeterminate composition featuring improvised processed trumpet and found and concrete sound sourced from field recordings taken in China, Turkey, Germany, and UK in 2011. The work explores the juxtaposition of acousmatic and acoustic sound, as a temple gong beats out a rhythm, and locusts are diffused via an Internet stream for mobile phones/laptops.

listeners are invited to log onto the stream and amplify it during the performance as instructed.

stream –

details on an app for older phones available from

traces #1 was originally conceived for performances during ISEA, Istanbul and School of Noises, Falmouth, UK in 2011.

Bon Marche Studio 755 Harris Street, Ultimo
University of Technology, Sydney
UTS Broadway – Bon Marche Building CB03.01.05

Admission by donation at the door