Thursday 14 June 6.30pm
interactive systems, digital instruments, visualisation and sonification

Bell Cloud: Linda Walsh and Jon Drummond
Singing bowls and sound processing

Encoded Sketches: LeeAnne Litton and Andrew Johnston
Interactive dance work which explores complex interactions between performer and real-time fluid simulations.

Swaying Canopy: Mary Mainsbridge and Robbie Mudrazija (electronic drums)
Improvisation with experiments in gestural enhancement.

Jet Stream: Jon Drummond and Linda Walsh
Interactive electroacoustics and oboe

Improvisation for 3 Feedback Guitars: Samuel Ferguson and Aengus Martin
This work explores the aesthetics of guitar feedback, and is based around a new digital control system for gaining control over particular feedback scenarios. Like traditional guitar feedback, the system is not entirely predictable, but the interactive control method does allows the performer to control the feedback level and the pitch range in which the feedback occurs. This improvisation is based on feedback ramp phase effects and on texture modulation.

Bon Marche Studio 755 Harris Street, Ultimo
University of Technology, Sydney
UTS Broadway – Bon Marche Building CB03.01.05